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Information about the store in SkyPinas.

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Pay To Win?

We are aware of the significant advantage that these packages give to players, however, we are balancing it out with perks that can be earned without paying. For example, you can earn exclusive perks by ranking up in-game for free and getting access to exclusive perks and stronger kits.
We deeply apologize for this practice, as we also believe that this should not be done in Minecraft, especially on our server, but we need donations to completely sustain our server.


Refunds. Think hard before you purchase. Charge-backs or forced refunds to acquire premium items without paying will get you banned, including anyone involved. If you accidentally bought an item that you did not intend to purchase, please create a ticket.
Premium Item Loss. In case of an item loss, you can ask for a return if it's due to unnatural occurrences such as server lag, high latency, sudden shutdown, or any other server-side causality.
Last modified 3mo ago