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List of commands that you can use in-game!
Basic Commands
Teleport back to the hub
Teleport to the spawn
Set mode to afk
Teleport back to your location
Teleport to a warp
/sethome <home name>
Set a home
/delhome <home name>
Delete a home
/home <home name>
Teleport to your home
/pay <player> <message>
Pay money to a player
/w <player> <message>
Whisper a player
/r <message>
Reply to the last recipient
Show mail commands
/tpa <player>
Teleport to someone
/tpahere <player>
Request someone to teleport to you
Accept teleport request
Deny a teleport request
Toggle accepting teleport request
Ignore a player
Show your or other players playtime
/seen <player>
Show the player's last online activity
/realname <player>
Show the real name of the player
Show your or other balance
View the top richest players
Show vote links
Open store
Teleport to PvP Arena
/changepass <old> <new>
Change your password
Feature Commands
To view rankup
To view rankup benefits
To view rankup details
Open virtual backpack
Open menu for kits
Teleport to other player's warps
To view top mcMMO power
Apply your credits to mcMMO skills
Preview your nametag in 3rd person view