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Fish and Leveling

There are six tiers of custom fish. You can check which fish belong to each tier, and where the ideal locations are to catch each fish, in the /fish codex.
Catch Stats
Value Stats
PyroFishing XP granted: 75 Entropy Granted: 45
Sell Value: 50
Gutting Value: 40
PyroFishing XP granted: 150 Entropy Granted: 110
Sell Value: 250
Gutting Value: 120
PyroFishing XP granted: 300 Entropy Granted: 200
Sell Value: 500
Gutting Value: 200
PyroFishing XP granted: 700 Entropy Granted: 350
Sell Value: 1000
Gutting Value: 500
PyroFishing XP granted: 1900 Entropy Granted: 1250
Sell Value: 2500
Gutting Value: 1000
PyroFishing XP granted: 6000 Entropy Granted: 10000
Sell Value: N/A
Gutting Value: N/A
As you catch custom fish, you gain experience towards your fishing level. This level is independent from your McMMO fishing level, and you can check it using /fish stats. Your fishing level affects the augments (custom rod enchants) that you are allowed to craft, your ability to build and upgrade a fishing totem, and how much you can level up your fishing skills.

Fish Skills

Each level you gain with the fishing plugin grants you a Skill Point. You can then spend these Skill Points on improving various aspects of your fishing experience. There are two categories of skills for which you can use your Skill Points: upgradable and one-time. Upgradable skills are those which you continually level up with an increasing expenditure of Skill Points, but also develop diminishing returns the more they’re increased. One-time skill purchases are just that – a set number of Skill Points is consumed in performing a single upgrade, which then improve passively based on your PyroFishing level. At the cost of 50,000 entropy, you can reset all of your skill points and redistribute them.
Better Gutting
Grants more entropy when gutting fish
Does not stack with Precision Cutting augment
Luck of the Catch
Grants more entropy when catching fish
Calculated independently from other catch-based entropy-granting sources
Master Augmenter
Reduces cost to craft augments
Totem Leader
Reduces totem cooldown when catching fish
Does not stack with augments that grant bonus fish such as Hot Spot and Call of the Storm
Divine Judgment
Gives a chance to cause a tsunami, within whose radius fish catching is doubled
Player can only have one tsunami at a time, and other players can also benefit from the tsunami. Does not stack with Hot Spot and similar augments and effects.
Tribal Shout
Grants nearby players within totem radius a percentage of the effects
Does not stack or overlap with totem effects. Your own totem takes precedence over any others you may be within.
Combo Catcher
Increases combo for increased chance to catch more rare fish.
Not catching a fish within 30 seconds resets the combo. Every 20 catches equates roughly to 10 levels of Master Fisherman augment.
Augment Infusion
Causes chance to refund some items from crafting augments
Percentage calculated individually per item used in the crafting recipe. If an item is successfully refunded, 50% of it is returned.

Fish Bag and Deliveries

The /fish bag is simply storage specialized to storing exclusively fish, which can be especially handy when you’re catching a lot of individual custom fish. It can also store normal cod, salmon, pufferfish, and tropical fish, but cannot store other PyroFishing custom items (crab claw, crab scale, squid tentacle, and dolphin tail) or anything non-fish. The bag can be toggled such that fish can be taken from it (as well as your inventory) when you are completing a delivery.
Deliveries /fish deliveries are essentially quests wherein you have to catch certain quantities of certain fish, which you then turn in for some reward. By default, every 180 custom fish you catch will unlock a new delivery unless your deliveries queue is full. To perform a delivery, obtain all of the fish that it specifies in the necessary quantities. Then click on the delivery to start it. This consumes the fish and begins the passive timer. When this timer runs out, you may collect your reward from the deliveries menu, freeing up that delivery spot for your next delivery. There are upgrades that can be applied to your deliveries at the cost of entropy, affecting the number of deliveries you can hold simultaneously, the time it takes to deliver, the number of fish needed for deliveries, and the amount of entropy rewarded upon completion.

Custom items from delivery rewards:

  • Crab Lure - 200% increased chance to spawn a crab
  • Platinum Lure - 250% increased chance to catch a platinum fish
  • Mythical Lure - 250% increased chance to catch a mythical fish
  • Entropy Booster - boosts entropy gained from fishing for 30 minutes
  • Entropy Crystal - worth 10,000 entropy when redeemed or extracted

Delivery Upgrades

Upgrades to your delivery capabilities and capacity are made using entropy at the bottom of the deliveries menu. The entropy cost increases with each level.
Max Level
Increase Capacity
Increases total number of available delivery slots
Reduces time to complete deliveries
Expert Deliverer
Reduces number of fish required for normal deliveries
Pay Rise
Grants more entropy for performing deliveries
Lucky Charm
Reduces number of fish required for any delivery. Scales more than Expert Deliverer upgrade
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