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PyroFishing is a plugin focused on enhancing gameplay surrounding fishing, an otherwise uneventful activity. It conflates many custom fish of different tiers, an integrated economy, fishing tournaments, quests in the form of making deliveries, and tailored enchantments (“augments”) for fishing rods.
/fish menu
open the menu home
/fish stats
view your own PyroFishing stats, including your current level and entropy balance
/fish codex
view information on all the custom fish (tiers, biomes, and first catcher)
/fish gut
place fish in this menu area to gut them for entropy
/fish scales
place fish in this menu area, select a risk level from the right side, then weigh the fish to increase or decrease its value to the PyroFishing shop. Stacked fish will all be valued the same
/fish shop
sell your custom fish. A particular fish, which changes regularly, will be selling for more (multiplied) than its usual tier value
/fish bag
store away your fish; can be useful for keeping track of fish you need for deliveries
/fish deliveries
view and interact with available fishing quests, and earn rewards
/fish augments
view augments that can be crafted and their requirements
/fishingtournaments, /ft
command menu for fishing tournaments. Use [/ft info] to see time left and leaderboard for a currently running tournament